Рим Sauna






Bath(sauna) has been present in human culture since ancient times. Because of it, it has become a ritual that includes enjoyment, communication and perfect entertainment.

Almost all people like to visit baths - both children and adults. Bathing procedures are very useful for the body, they clean the skin, remove slags and have a great effect on the entire body.

Body care in the bath:

The use of natural scrubs

Honey and salt is an excellent diaphoretic it, detoxifies and nourishes the skin with vitamins and moisturizes, making it silky and soft. To enhance the effect of honey, you can add essential oil of eucalyptus, spruce, sage, fir, juniper or any citrus oil.

Scrub coffee promotes deep cleansing of skin, it is a good anti-cellulite means that makes the skin as soft as a baby’s, and its aroma relaxes. When using the coffee it is better to mix with sour cream.

The clay used for the scrub, is good to by at the pharmacy. Its choice now is very diverse, the color of the clay depends on its constituent minerals. The most popular is the blue clay, it not only cleanses, but also has anti-infective and anti-cellulite effect. Green Clay is an excellent adsorbent. White  is used in cosmetics, has an antiseptic effect. Red clay is used with a shortage of iron. Yellow nourishes the skin with oxygen and removes toxins. Gray is suitable for dry skin, it tones and moisturizes.

The use of herbal infusions

To prepare you can use any medicinal herbs. The licorice seaweed softens and moisturizes the skin especially well.

Using the massagers

Massagers improves blood circulation, remove dead cells, relax. In the bath the best massagers - are a broom and a massage glove,  brushes and massagers that are sold in stores.

… Here you go. You have a feeling of langour, weakness, and at the same time ease throughout the body. You are peaceful in your heart. The legs could barely move. Your head is down. You have no strength to keep it right. Streams of water run down your dead. It is dim before your eyes. You have a wet sheet on your shoulders. Your body steams. You sit silently with closed eyes and take a sip of cold beer - nirvana... A minute or two with a missing face you are in a state of non-human bliss. No care, no sadness.